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  • Nandi Willemse

The VAF of eSDF

Features tell, but benefits sell. What kind of value-adding factors can you expect from eSDF?

VAF 1 - As an online solution, eSDF manages all employee skills development training-related activities, including planning, execution, and reporting.

VAF 2 - eSDF will assist you by providing a pre-approved list of trainees, training providers, and training courses that meet compliance requirements. It will safely keep all the required evidence needed to substantiate accreditation.

VAF 3 - In addition, eSDF assists training managers in effectively managing training projects, ranging from creating a training request, planning, and scheduling, and implementing and measuring the training intervention.

VAF 4 - The process will be completed by giving you a full set of documentation necessary for compliance and BEE audits.

The Nitty Gritty – System Talk

To start off with, the eSDF system is designed to achieve a pre-approved list of trainees, a pre-approved list of training providers, and develop a pre-approved Training Course Library, including required evidence on accreditation for compliance audits and BEE requirements.

Secondly, it further ensures that managers (and employees) adhere to specific training approval processes, to enroll trainees in specific training courses, meeting all compliance requirements.

Thirdly, detailed reports are available on "training-in-progress," leading up to your SETA specific Annual Training Report (ATR) and Work Skills Plan (WSP).

All of these happen via a funnel with where built-in triggers are activated at each training status level where stakeholders will be prompted with action items.

The User Value

A system is only as efficient as its operator…..NOT! With our Digital Skills Development Facilitator, the system can be customized to suit the individual using it.

How do we achieve this?

1. Adherence to training and approval processes seamlessly

2. Request, plan, schedule, launch and track training projects

3. Keep proper record of SETA grant processes until "money-in-bank."

4. Manage compliance requirements via automated emails on expiry

5. Meet Skills Development criteria with a full pack of evidence

6. Produce Annual Training Reports (ATR's) and Work Skills Plans (WSP's)

What else is there?

To quote the infamous "but that's not all" sales pitch from Homemark. A few extra's you can look forward to:

1. Economies of scale

Bulk Uploads are possible, through the use of a pre-defined CSV file format.

All trainees, training providers, and training courses must be PRE-REGISTERED in the eSDF database before an upload can be done.

The CSV file upload functionality handles uploading data, in bulk, from an external or 3rd party Training Management System, such as an eLearning Platform.

The upload is structured around the following data fields:

• ID Number (the common denominator in eSDF)

• Training Course

• Starting Date

• Training Status (i.e., Registered)

All uploads will be done via the Request Training module, which means the bulk upload will be subject to all standard approval processes.

After that, normal training processes will be followed and recorded in the database

2. Automated Notifications

The following processes will send notifications:

Requested training: Requested Notification – approved and declined training per trainee.

Planned Training: Requested(Manager) Notification – indicating the training scheduled. Trainee – Notify on dates scheduled for.

Actual Training: Manager – 5 days before converting from planned training to actual (in progress) training. Manager – When training is just converted from scheduled to actual in-progress. Managers – 3 days after training end date- reached that training will be marked as complete and need to do documentation. Manager – 0 days after training end date reached and converting training from in-progress to completed training. Other Notifications: Accreditations –Notify Training Provider 30 days before the expiry date. Compliance Certificates – 30 days before and 15 days after the expiry date.

Cross-Pollination of Value

Further value is offered via applicable solutions by eStudy and BEE Analyst.


eStudy boasts a proudly South African content library with over 5200 courses, development programs, accredited short courses, and high impact learning roadmaps

Quality of content is a vital pillar in learning. You may add as many "bells and whistles" as you wish – if your content is substandard, your program will fail. You have invaluable internal expertise and know your business. Therefore you are running a successful enterprise.

Your expertise, your content – let's add our expertise to create your dream learning program.

But what about Training Intelligence, you may ask? We have you covered with expert training strategies developed from full-on training needs analysis to place your organization in the best possible position for training gains, accurately measured and clearly indicating the exact return on investment to the "powers that be," aka executive management.

High impact learning leading to high impact results requires a high level of learning and development intelligence. Be in the know of what is happening. It's all about planning, execution, and measurement.

BEE Analyst

Apart from offering the best coffee in Gauteng (true story!), the BEE Analyst consultants are experts in analyzing and interpreting broad-based black economic empowerment.

With proven consulting methodologies, expect a solution covering all BEE elements and project stages to achieve your desired BEE level.

They deliver what they promise with methodologies are embedded in a robust change management process to "take your team along" in the transformation process.

BEE Scorecard Development, Scorecard Optimisation, and Sustainable Solutions customized for your business needs (not the other way around!)

In a nutshell - no more blood, sweat, and Excel!

Also, expect nimble Transaction Management and Verification Management solutions, coupled with nifty online calculators and a hotline for crises management.

In closing

Life is too short to struggle with labour-intensive tasks in regards to skills development facilitation. Ever heard the phrase "there is an app for that"? Well, guess what, an app exists that will take care of your admin burden of skills development and training management in the form of eSDF, from only R400 per month.

Now, do you really want to say no to that?


Contact number: 012 997 0037

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