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A cost-effective training management system to help you automate your TRAINING ACTIVITIES, ANNUAL TRAINING REPORT, WORK SKILLS PLAN AND BEE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT reports.

As a Training Department, or registered SDF, you are familiar with the massive workload in collecting and processing training related data, especially just before ATR and WSP submission time.


Be pro-active and capture your training data monthly, and simply run the SETA required reports for submission – at the press of a button.

Let’s be real, it's hard work to produce accurate Training Progress Reports via  Manual / Excel route.

Automate your processes through our eSDF system!

Bleeding excel won’t solve your problems…


Time Consuming

Keeping up with the regulatory changes is boring and inevitable…


SETA mind

File Search will only give you a 40% result…


“File not found”

Here is how you can boost your productivity and accuracy on training record management.

Monthly and Quarterly Training Reports for your Board of Directors

Produce your Training Dashboards, and paper based reports via eSDF

Untitled design (45).png

Time Saver!

Save time by having all your information in one place with immediate access to it all!

SETA/BEE Management

Managing SETA templates, BEE evidence requirements, OFO Codes, Grant monitoring - all managed by eSDF. You just plug and play your data!


Data and Evidence Consolidated!

One consistent data and file storage entry point, clearly marked and named for consistency.

Affordable, Convenient & Effective

The cloud-hosted platform, dramatically reduces costs, giving you an always-on experience and saving you 60% productive hours.


Mary Njabulo, has been in the L&D space for over 10 years and now run her own HR Consulting firm. Mary struggled to keep up with the 49 WSP/ATR submissions she had to do on average but then she found eSDF. Once she was up and running, eSDF helped her drastically reduce her workload during March and April last year. Mary now has ample time to work on her business and not in her business! Imagine if you could be like Mary?

Mary Njabulo

Gwen, is the HR Director for a business in the manufacturing industry with 3000 employees. Gwen adopted eSDF for her team of SDFs and they have managed to secure further grants as their data was now accurate and according to the SETA requirements. They have also managed to earn an additional 5 points on their BEE scorecard just by having all the relevant evidence in a secure and consistent environment. Imagine if you could be like Gwen and earn 5 additional BEE points + more grants?

Gwen McMillan

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